New Dashboard

Dashboard Overview



Tiles are displayed at the top of the Dashboard page and are your quick access for status, settings and features.

The new Dashboard provides you with 6 new Tiles that in addition to the original 3. The information shown within the Tiles allows you to see the service's current state. Here are more details on each tile:


The Helpful Tile

Help Tile 

This tile will provide you with page specific help when its available. Look for it in the top right-hand corner of each page. If help exists for that page, then tile will be displayed.

Order Status Tile 

Order Tile

This tile has been changed to show you order counts in the three major status caregories Active, Completed and New / Unpurchased orders. Active Order Count is shown with the label "Orders: #". Below that are the other two order counts "Mailed: #", which shows you Completed orders, and finally "New: #", which is the count of your New / Unpurchased orders.

Balance Tile

Balance Tile

This tile shows you the dollar amount that has been deposited into your account that can be used for order processing. The reason for your account is so that you can send individual notes, one at a time. Noterrific has a minimum credit card charge amount due. 

Now for the new Tiles

Credit Cards Tile

Cards Tile

This tile shows you the last 4 digits of the credit card you have on file for additional charges, such as refilling your account. If the words "Add a Card" appear as in this example, then you do not have a Credit Card on file and will need to add one before you can use various services like our Birthday Service or Virtual Assistanant Service.

Mail List Tile

Mail List Tile

This tile show you how many mail list you have and allows you to easily manage your list by clicking this tile.

Birthday Service Tile

Birthday Service Tile

This tile is for a new service we've just recently added called our Birthday Service. This tile show you how many contacts you have in your selected Birthday list. Click this tile to configure the Birthday Service to automatically send Birthday cards to your clients. Read the blog entry for the Birthday Service

Handwriting Selection Tile

Handwriting Tile

This tile show you the name of the handwriting style you have selected. If you have setup your own personal handwriting then it will show "Using Personal". If it shows "Not Selected" then you need to select a Handwriting Style for sending your notes. Click this tile to select or change a handwriting style.

Virtual Assistant Tile

Virtual Assistant Tile

This tile shows you how many active Virtual Assistant orders you have in progress. Click this tile to view them or to create a new Virtual Assistant Order

Blog Tile

Blog Tile

This tile show you how many new Blog articles exists that you have not read. As you read the blog articles this ccount will reduce. Click this tile to view all blog articles. 


Widgits are simple small applications on the Dashboard page that allow you to perform specific functions like choosing a theme for your handwritten note. The Dashboard contain three widgits:

1. Quick Note Widgit

Quick Note Widgit

This widgit allows you to see all of the Quick Note Theme Categories that exist for each Media Type as a thumbnail image. Media Types are shown as tabs at the top of the widgit and thumbnail images for each available theme category will be shown below it. To send a Quick Postcard, just click on the "Quick Postcard" tab at the top of the Widgit. It may not look like the image thumbnails changed if they are exactly the same as the Quick Note Card, but it is showing you all themes available for this media type.

Themes for the category names are shown at the bottom of the thumbnail image allowing you to quickly see and select with a simple click or touch to start the order process.

Save on our preselected Note Cards and Postcards with Quick Notes because we leverage bulk production of the media to the benefit of our clients. With Quick Notes, card selection is done, just select your theme category, type your message, select your contact(s) and you're done! And we periodically change out card themes to keep your correspondence fresh!


2. Monthly Event Widgit

Monthly Events Widgit

Upcoming Monthly Events are now simply listed in a select box allowing you to make a quick selection of the upcoming event that appeals to you and then quickly see all of the themes available for the event. Just a click or touch and your 1/3rd of the way through the order process. Just add you message and select your contact and your done!

Monthly Events allow you to reach out to your contacts in a simple and thoughtful way that is not pushy or salesy. It's just a nice or fun way to let them know, without actually saying, "remember me"; "I'm here for you when you need me"; "I love referrals"; "I'm so appreciative to have you as a client"; "I really want your business." The monthly event provides the opportunity and you're just wishing them all the best for that event. It's a highly effective branding tool!


3. Select a Theme Widgit

Select a Theme Widgit

Not sure exactly how you want to frame your message? Select a Theme allows you to see all of our themes quickly so you can quickly make a selection by clicking a category. Once you find what you like, just touch or click it and you'll be mailing it in no time!