Handwritten Notes for Business

Handwritten notes are a powerful tool for building business relationships and Note-r-rific provides everything you need to implement them in your business. Below are just a few campaigns that you should be practicing.

Thank You Notes

Every sales expert will tell you this is a very powerful tool that is well worth it. It makes a lasting impression with your contacts.

Introduction Notes

Do you need to introduce yourself or a product or service to new or existing contacts? Use a note to make it personal and impactful.

Birthday Notes

Remember your contacts on their special day and see how it keeps you in high regard. And with our service, you won't miss any of them again.

Holiday Notes

Send holiday notes, not just in December, but all year long, or at least once a quarter. Why? Its branding in the most thoughtful and impactful way. You need to be remembered by your contacts!

Prospecting Notes

Looking for ways to get in front of hard to reach prospects? Prospecting notes are very effective at using humor to capture your prospect's interest in a way that is appreciated.

Marketing Notes

Have some marketing materials that you want to get to your contacts? Send your materials in a handwritten envelope with a handwritten sticky-note attached and see how more effective your mailings are!

Send a Note to Say Thank You

The Thank You Note is such an undervalued and underestimated business tool that can strengthen your relationships and drive new business and referrals. See how this one simple tool can significantly change your business. The Handwritten Note in the mail is such an unexpected and memorable action that you can take that will truly set you apart from your competition!

Thanks for Meeting

If someone took time out of their busy day to meet with you, let them know how much you appreciate it.

Thanks for business

Did someone just purchase your product or service? Let them know how much you appreciate it!

Thanks for Thoughtfulness

Did someone do something really nice for you, maybe a special favor? Say thank you!

Thanks for Referral

Receive some new business from a referral or maybe just an introduction, show your appreciation!

Thanks for Attending

Did someone attend an event, seminar, or presentation of yours? Let them know you appreciate their time!

Thanks for Donating

Be sure to let those people know that are donating to your cause that you really appreciate and value their partnership.

Create Account, how it works

Creating an account is free and simple. Just provide your information. When you sign up we will deposit money into your account allowing you to try our service for free.

Provide Your Info

Provide your information, such as your return address, and other basic information.

Choose Handwriting

Choose one of our handwritings, or you can use your own handwriting by ordering a Handwriting Setup Kit.

Upload Contacts

Upload your contacts from a spreadsheet to save time during the order process. Or you can simply type your contact's info on each order. Now you're ready to send notes!

Send Notes, how it works

Sending a note is a simple process. Our Dashboard provides a simple view that allows you to see themes organized under several categories / campaigns.

Select a Theme

Simply select a media type, then select a theme

Configure it

Next, the Note Configuration page will present you with all options to complete your order. Select a contact or list of contacts, type your message and click send.

Confirm, payment, done!

Review your order, select the payment method for your order and your done! Your note will be mailed.

Our Handwriting Technology

High Resolution Graphics

We convert handwriting into high resolution graphics capturing every flaw in the actual writing, for example that ink blot at the end of the letter where the pen rested longer.

Not a Font

A computer font is limited to only one character for each letter, number and symbol. Additionally is very flat in color, texture and unnaturally straight as imprinted across the card.

Natural Wander

When we generate a handwritten note, we allow the letters to flow in a natural wander that drift upwards or downwards across the card. This is a more accurate representation of how a person would write. Whereas a computer font would be in a perfectly straight line across the card.

Multiple Letters

We generate multiple copies of each letter, number and symbol, not just one each like a font. So words that contain duplicate letters, like the words "letters" and "look" appear authentic because that's how a human would write and not a computer font.

Every Note is Different

When we generate a note, there are very few duplicated characters, if any at all. As we generate the same message over again for multiple contacts, each will look different because the actual characters, combination of characters and wander are all different.

Cursive Signatures

We only generate messages in block letters, not cursive writing, but we do allow cursive signatures for the closing of your message. Although if your signature is not clearly readable we recommend that you print your signature. Its more important that your contacts can read everything you write, not just see your fancy unreadable signature.

Pay only for the notes you send

Pricing is simple, pay only for the notes you send based on the media type and receive discounts based on quantity. Your handwritten note can be written on several types of media from Greeting Cards to Postcards, and more...
* Postage not included

Greeting Card

5" x 7" Folding Card

$1.85 to $0.80

Note Card

4.25" x 5.5" Folding Card

$1.45 to $0.65


4" x 6" Flat Card

$0.95 to $0.44

Sticky Note

3" x 4"

$0.87 to $0.37

Quick Notes

Each month we select themes and produce them in bulk passing along the savings to you. You just pick a campaign (below) and choose either Note Card or Postcard and we will mail your note the next business day.

Create your account today and we will deposit money into your account allowing you to try our service for free. Try using our Quick Note service to send yourself or a friend a handwritten note on us. So sign up today, did we say it's Free!

Sign Up


Never miss a birthday again. See how happy your contacts will be as you remember them on their special day.

Create a Birthday List

Provide a single Birthday list that contains your contacts' address and their birth month and day.

Choose a Card or Cards

Choose up to two Birthday cards, The second card is for couples so a household does not receive the same card twice.

Personal Message

Add your personal message for each card that will be imprinted as your handwritten note.

Enable the Birthday Service

Once enabled, you will begin to receive email confirmations as each card is created just before your contact's special day.

Mailing Lead Time

You can choose how many days in advance to generate each birthday card to allow for plenty of time for your review and mailing time.

Advance Notification

As each Birthday approaches, you will receive email notification. You can modify the message or cancel the order; do nothing and your order will be mailed.


See what our clients says about the Note-r-rific.

Noterrific is the easiest and most cost effective way to be remembered by clients and prospects with little effort on my part.

Brian - Metlife

The most effective direct mail campaigns we have ran! The personalized campaigns produce results and drives new business.

Tom - Martin Franchises

These notes really work. When I visit my clients and prospects, I see my monthly holiday cards on display in their offices. They keep driving new meetings and referrals.

Steve - Genworth Financial


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Feel free to send us an email to info@noterrific.com

How does your pricing work?

Our services are priced by the card or mail unit. There are no minimum quantities required for our Standard Price List. No membership or monthly service fees. So you can send a single card to 5,000 cards. If you are interested in bulk mailings you can inquire for special pricing to accommodate your special requirements.

Are there additional fees?

Yes, 1) Postage is not included in any of our prices so you must take that into account. 2) If you would like to have cards sent to you for local mailing from your city, then shipping charges will apply and you can select the method. 3) If you would like to use your own handwriting then there is a $40.00 setup fee.

How and when am I billed?

Your order must be paid in full for processing to begin. You can pay for your orders using PayPal.com or provide a credit card. If you have an account balance, you can use those funds to pay for your order. If you have funds in your account, but not sufficient funds to cover the cost of the order, then you can not use those funds toward your order. You would need to deposit the remainder amount into your account in order to use your account balance.

Can I use my Company Logo/Brand on my cards?

Noter-r-ific, can produce custom Note Cards or Postcards for your exclusive use with our service. You supply the artwork and we will produce and inventory your custom cards to be used on demand, as needed, to send a handwritten note to your contacts, one at a time or in bulk. For more information view the details here

Mobile App

The app allows you to access contact details from your phone's phone-book.


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